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BCAA Benefits: Why you need to add it to your nutrition plan

BCAA stands for branched amino acids, which are extremely important for building muscle and muscle growth. As well as for helping you recover and remedy the muscles after a hardcore workout. That’s why a lot of professional athletes are regular users of this supplement, since it helps with the recovery process and builds muscle. However, BCAA is not only for athletes, in fact your level of activity and fitness, no matter what it is, will not prevent you from benefiting from BCAA supplements, and you will be able to gain muscle.

When Do You Need BCAA

BCAA supplements can be taken at all times but are particularly important for those who have a low daily intake of proteins, and if you’re trying to gain muscle and hitting the gym every day, then BCAA is crucially important for you to achieve your fitness goals.

You might ask yourself why a BCAA supplement when I can get the protein from food! To answer your concern you must understand that different protein do different things, for example whey protein (found in dairy) does contain BCAA’s, however, it focusses on providing your body with protein.

General Benefits of BCAA

  • Increases your endurance levels. Taking BCAA supplements will allow you to develop you work out to be longer and harder no matter what type of exercise you choose.
  • Aids in weight loss. BCAA allows your body to use fat as a fuel, which will help you lose those extra pounds.
  • Boosts your energy and fights fatigue. Working out for a long time can take its toll on you and cause you mental and physical fatigue which in turn will lower the level of intensity of your workout. BCAA supplements keep up tryptophan levels, which are crucial for mental focus.

It’s a great idea to take BCAA supplements to boost you with power, endurance and faster healing properties after your intense workouts.

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