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Home Exercising: Get Your Body Toned at Home

Staying in shape is not a piece of cake as some advertisements and TV shows make us believe, and it is not a gym-goer only achievement as well. It doesn’t have to include huge weights or a professional gym. You can achieve it by having a home gym or doing simple workouts at home that hardly needs any equipment! In this case, we will teach you how to use your best source, your own body weight to build those guns!


Squats are major for bodyweight workouts. It gives you amazing results, tones your body and you can literally do it any ware and you need zero equipment to achieve it! There are several types of squats; but normal or jump squats will do you wonders! Jump squats are great for building lower body stability and toning the legs.

Push Ups & Sit-Ups

Pushups are great to work out your core muscles, and to improve your form! Again, this is a zero equipment exercise and all you need is some space at home! When doing pushups make sure to have enough space, and if you can’t do a full on, you can ease in to it by pushing your body using your knees, and doing half push-ups! Make sure to find soothing heavy to stable your feet under while doing sit-ups, such as a dresser or a bed frame.


Burpees are great for you! They will work your body well, at the comfort of your own home! Most of your body muscles will be worked out during this exercise, and it will raise your heart rate! Burpees can be considered as several exercises in one; you’re doing push-ups, squats, jumping and more! You can modify it the way you see appropriate or do a half-burpee by getting up half-ways after the push up rather than doing the high jump!


All you need for dips is a bed frame or chair. Position yourself away from the furniture, extend your legs straight and lower your body down to the floor by using your arms strength. Then, push yourself back up to starting position. This bodyweight exercise may seem very simple, however it will do wonders for your triceps.

Bottom line is, all you need to do is to work out hard at home to get the beach body you dream of!

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